Gentle Sleep

For Children
Aged 4 Months to6 Years

Helping Little
Ones Sleep ...

Welcome To Sleep Genie!

Do you need to feed, hold or rock your baby to sleep?
Will your baby only sleep if you lie down with them, rub them or hold their hand?
Is your baby waking up multiple times?
Are they feeding excessively during the night?
Do you have to keep re-plugging the dummy?
Is it taking you ages to get them to sleep in the first place?
Are you really tired…all of the time?
Do you feel like you’ve tried EVERYTHING but nothing’s worked?
If you answered YES to any of these questions, then gentle sleep coaching can help.

My Promise To You:
I will work with you to create a sleep plan tailored to your unique circumstances, parenting philosophy and values.
I will treat your baby like the individual they are, taking account of their age, developmental stage and temperament.
I will not ask you to stop breastfeeding.
I will never recommend that you leave your baby to cry it out alone.
I will work with you for up to a month after our initial consultation to make sure everything stays on track.
I will not ask you to do anything that does not feel right for you or your family.